Dear Messer’s, Madam,

We have planned to commemorate the souls of the persons who passed away on the 2nd of November, the Month of Departures Soul in 2015.

 Since this organization was initiated in the year 1999 with 9 special children and at present the number is increased up to 71. A large number of persons who have passed away have had supported to upgrade the quality of lives of our special children at    “Sith Sewana”, located in Tanamalwilla in Sri Lanka.

Since we have been making the necessary prior arrangements to organize a Holy Mass on behalf of them at the Great Carmelite Convent at Mattakuliya, in Sri Lanka, please kindly furnish the names that passed away to pray on behalf of the souls of them.

 We have updated our Web Site of our intellectually impaired special children at       “Sith Sewana”, located in Tanamalwilla in Sri Lanka. We beg your kind attention to refer our Web Site for your kind acquaintance.

May God Bless You,

The Director,

U. L. N. A. S. Perera,

“Sith Sewana”


Sri Lanka,


© Sith Sewana 2015