Sith Sewana  Residential home for Mentally Handicapped and differently  abled children  was the brain child of  Mr. Sarath Lanka Perera and founded on  on the 8th of may 1999. His ambition was to have a home in the salubrious settings  of  Tanamalwilla to develop the hidden potential of  the differently abled and to give them  a vocation suited to their  abilities. His  intention was to  guide and assist these  children and bring them to  maximum normality and make them   assets to the society we live in.
Payment can be made direct to  Bank Of Ceylon  Account  number : 5918677 Tanamalwilla  Sri Lanka  (For foreign Donors  you may use Swift code  No: BCEYLKLX.

Donation do not necessarily have to be in cash .it can be by way of clothes (Used or new). bed sheets , pillow cases, towels, and many other items that can be of use to our residents.
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Urgent requirements

Deep   Water  well  at Sith Sewana needs replacement..

This is to keep all our readers and supporters that once again we have an emergency   at  Sith Sewana.

Our Tube well   ( for water ) which was installed 19 years ago has  gone  defunct and  destroyed due to the heavy rains in the region.. We have been informed  that  the well cannot be restored and a new one has to be constructed at a cost of Rs.160,000.00 (one hundred and sixty thousand ).

Our children need to be bathed every day and they require water for their basic needs  such as  the use  of  toilets. This is in addition to the water required for meals and  washing  of clothes Etc. Etc

We would be most grateful. If there is any one person or several persons who can contribute towards this  very  urgent need  ,. Even small contributions   will be welcome…

Our Bank details are as follows.
Account number : 5918677   Bank Of Ceylon Tanamalwilla  Sri Lanka,

Swift   Code  Reference: BCEYLKLX

Our References
  Some of our supporters
The chief incumbent of the "Uva Wellassa"  The  Venerable Nanda Thera at Thanamal Viharaya Thanamalwila  
Uva  Palath Saba
Canadian Embassy
Australian Embassy
German Embassy
Netherlands  Embassy
Stanford Rotary Club of Connecticut. USA
Rotary Club of Colombo Metropolitan
Saramanda Organisation.
Adoption Sri Lanka
Ms .Priya Mobach
Mr .Luke  de Silva   New York USA
Dr. Paul Selvadurai  Missouri USA
The Honorary Div.. Sec. at the divisional Sec. Tanamalwilla.  
The Principal at National School, Tanamalwilla.  
The Additional Education Director Zonal Education office Wellawaya.  
Buddhist Shrine at Sith Sewana needing immediate attention.  Buddhist  Shrine renavated by The Management of Buddhist ladies college Colombo and other well wishers.
2. Need Children's Clothes
4. Materials Required For The New  Girls Dormitory
5. Water Tank donated by  a Rotarian of the Rotary club

January 2017. Conducted at sith sewana tanamalwilla. 
Knee prosthesis for amputees  and 
Eye clinic and hearing aid assessment.

Held by  p   and  O  professionals   from center for   handicap kundasale
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