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  Address: The Director,  
Payment can be made direct to  Bank Of Ceylon  Account  number : 5918677 Tanamalwilla  Sri Lanka  (For foreign Donors  you may use Swift code  No: BCEYLKLX

Donation do not necessarily have to be in cash .it can be by way of clothes (Used or new). bed sheets , pillow cases, towels, and many other items that can be of use to our residents.
E mail:
    Sith Sewana MHCDS,  
    Rehabilitation Center,  
    Divisional Secretariat Rd,  
Phone No: (94)047 228 5030
Fax: (94)047 228 5030
Mobile No: (94) 077 607 0382
E mail:

Please follow up your donation, contribution, gift with letter  email or sms to director Sithsewena MHCDS Divisional secretariat road, Tanamalwilla to ensure your get Confirmation receipt.  

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